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2013 Fundraising

Welcome to Tori’s Helping Hand

Tori’s Helping Hand was established in 2005, and is part of the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs Inc. This program provides funds to palliative care oncology children and their families, as well as to families whose children require a transplant. The money for palliative children will help the families provide much needed comfort in their children’s last days. This comfort might come in the way of a comfortable chair, a spa visit, a puppy, etc.

Tori’s Helping Hand is named after our daughter Tori Carswell who died of a childhood cancer called neuroblastoma in January 2004. We were very fortunate to have funds raised by our friends, family and the community of Stittsville which enabled us to give Tori some special moments during her last weeks and days with us. This inspired us to set up Tori’s Helping Hand so that other palliative care oncology children could do the same.

An annual memorial golf tournament in Tori’s name has been running since 2004. In 2004 the golf tournament raised $18,000 which was given to the Neuroblastoma Research fund and The Children’s Wish Foundation. In 2005, Tori’s Helping Hand was established and the golf tournament raised $27,500 for the charity. Since 2006 the tournament has raised over $34,000 each year. We hope to run the Tori Carswell Memorial Golf Tournament every year to raise money for Tori's program. To find out more about the golf tournaments go to Fundraisers.